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Kyle Beltran makes his Broadway debut on August 19th! - In the Heights [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Kyle Beltran makes his Broadway debut on August 19th! [Aug. 2nd, 2010|05:03 pm]
In The Heights on Broadway


(Forgive me for double posting, but it's completely necessary, I swear.)

Kyle Beltran is set to make his Broadway debut in In the Heights alongside Jordin Sparks on the 19th of August.  To celebrate this momentous occasion in Heights history (yeah, I'm being over dramatic) I want to make him a congratulatory book.  I saw him twice when he was in the tour, and his Usnavi was near perfection.  He showed a softer and more vulnerable side to the character that Lin's confident and spaz-tastic Usnavi lacked.

So if anyone reading this has seen Kyle in the show/has seen Kyle in other shows/knows Kyle from school/is just a fan regardless, please help me out!  I want to fill this book with love for him, so if you have any messages, pictures, drawings, poems, song lyrics, quotations, ANYTHING that you think would fit, please send me a message.

(Seriously, even if it's just "Congratulations, you'll be great!" it will still help!)

Thank you in advance!